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Individual and Couple


We charge £150 for an Individual appointment and £170 for a Couple counselling appointment. An appointment lasts 50 minutes. 

Making payment for a first appointment

If you book online then card payment will be requested at the time of booking. Alternatively, a BACS transfer or cash can be accepted if you haven't made payment prior to your appointment. Please note, card payments are not accepted in our clinics. 

Cancellation of a first appointment

Please note that your therapist is reserving their professional time for you on the basis of your booking. If you simply do not attend your appointment or if you give less than 48 hours’ notice of cancellation, payment will still be required.  

Further appointments

After your initial appointment, any future appointments can be secured by cash payment or by BACS transfer if self funding. Please note, should you wish to continue with therapy and schedule a further appointment this will have to be paid for in advance.

Once you and your therapist get to know each other you can then discuss preferable payment options.

Please note: after the initial appointment the cancellation policy changes from 48 hours’ notice to seven days’ notice.

Please see our full terms and conditions before you schedule an appointment.  

Private Health Insurance


The fee for an Individual counselling session covered by a health insurance provider is £180 per 50 minute appointment.

Before you make your appointment 

Please check that your health insurer provides cover for counselling sessions because policies vary. In some cases an insurance provider may require that you see your GP or a psychiatrist before attending counselling.

Your insurer will give you an authorisation code; you will need to provide this when you schedule an appointment. Some insurers provide cover for a certain number of sessions while others provide a lump sum. Before booking an appointment with us it is advisable that you confirm with your insurer that you will not be held responsible for payment of any appointments.

Please note: because health insurance providers do not cover missed or cancelled appointments you will be responsible for payment for any such absences, as outlined in our terms of practice.

Please take the time to read through our therapeutic agreement.  

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Consultation and Supervision

We provide consultation to those requiring a psychological perspective on, for example, mental health in the workplace, employee welfare, etc. at £180 per 50 minute session. Mark and Michelle also provide supervision, informed by our individual theoretical orientations and approaches to assessment and treatment (please see our personal profiles above). Supervision can be in person in either our City clinic or our Mayfair clinic, or online. We have a sliding fee scale for supervision, which can be discussed when arranging initial appointments. Both consultations and supervisions can be arranged via the message or telephone booking options.

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