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Counselling Psychology and Clinical Psychology are long-established disciplines with strong evidence bases where assessment and treatment of emotional and behavioural difficulties are concerned. While those who take the step of engaging with therapy typically do so because they are concerned by some aspect of their emotional functioning and behaviour, there are generally no limits to what can be discussed in sessions.

We believe that all clients engaging with psychological psychotherapy need to feel that they are in safe, competent hands. Accordingly we aim to provide a warm, encouraging environment in which clients can rest assured of acceptance, privacy and confidentiality.

First meeting

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Whether you are seeking Individual therapy or Couple therapy, engagement always begins with an initial assessment consultation to clarify some of the key things that you would like to address. Our central aim in assessment is to put you at ease while gaining some insight into the difficulties that you are facing.

As psychologists, we are trained to listen sensitively, to ask the right questions and to use established theories and empirically based models as a guide when trying to discover why problems might exist, how they have been maintained and how they might be best managed.

What to expect

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Assessment is a process. While any initial consultation will seek to glean the essentials, more-detailed assessment will be required to establish context and treatment goals. This assessment period will also provide an opportunity for you to consider what it might be like to work with a therapist and what type of therapeutic emphasis might best suit you. If therapist and client agree to work together, therapy will be weekly, at the same time and on the same day, so as to afford a sense of containment and consistency when working towards therapeutic goals.

Whether work is likely to be short- or long-term, clients can expect to have regular reviews of progress and of feelings arising in the process of therapy.


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An initial consultation can be booked online, by telephone or via a booking form. However you choose to schedule an appointment it is important that you familiarise yourself with the practical implications of entering into therapy. To assist with that, our Therapy Agreement forms set out how we work and our terms of engagement.

Adult (over-16s) Therapeutic Agreement

Adolescent (under-16s) Therapeutic Agreement