All sessions are currently taking place online

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Online therapy is therapy delivered face-to-face via computer, using platforms such as Zoom, Skype, etc. 

There are many reasons why people might engage in therapy online: some clients might not be able to attend weekly, in person, because of childcare or issues relating to a physical or mental health condition; others, living outside urban centres, and international clients, might not have access to high quality therapy locally. With the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, and current social distancing, the need for quality therapy by virtual means seems more urgent than ever.

As experienced remote practitioners with training in the delivery of Online therapy, we know that engaging virtually introduces some shifts to the standard therapeutic frame that require careful consideration throughout the process of therapy. Accordingly, prior to an initial appointment we present Online clients with information about our requirements for securing privacy and confidentiality in virtual sessions and how one can set up one’s environment to ensure the best therapeutic experience.